I was going to write soon about why I don’t “do” learning objectives any more, but Mr Pink has done it just fine.

All Ears

Recently, I posted the following tweet:

A few people have been asking the reasoning behind my scorn for learning styles, and I felt it prudent to outline my thinking here, in a blog. So here’s why I think learning objectives are ridiculous:

1. They’re Clunky

Learning is complicated. Really, really complicated. Take metaphor for example. A full and proper grasp on the complexities of metaphor takes years to achieve. It requires understanding-and retention- of a wide range of abstract concepts and domain knowledge. (Don’t believe me? LookHere).

The idea that learning can be reduced to a single lesson target perpetuates the myth that learning is something that can be visible within the arbitrary units of time we call lessons.

Take this learning objective for example:

To understand what a metaphor is.

That’s your aim is it? To have all students in the class ‘understand’ metaphor? Okay, so…

  • What…

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