I’m a Head of Mathematics in middle England and am privileged to have been an AST/SLE since 2008.  I say privileged because dedicated people who are often nervous, fraught or fed up let me into their school and allow me to try and help them. I always hope I have done them justice, I always fear I haven’t.

If you are interested in improving your maths teaching (and let’s face it, who isn’t?), take a look at my book, published in 2018 – How to Enhance Your Maths Subject Knowledge: Number and Algebra for Secondary Teachers.

I occasionally write and review content for education publishers. If you would like to discuss how I could help you, please get in touch via jemmaths@gmail.com.

I was a Silver Pearson Teaching Award winner in 2015 for Teacher of the Year in a Secondary School and have spoken at a number of national conferences.

As an NCETM Accredited PD Lead (A-Level) I love training teachers.  My courses include subject knowledge, pedagogy and using technology, and training non-specialists to teach mathematics.

As a teacher, I love to find better ways to demonstrate things, and enjoy spending time making models with Desmos and Geogebra.  I am a total graph-nerd, “a graph is better than a thousand words,” as someone important must have once said.

I tweet as @jemmaths.  Anything I write is down to me, nothing to do with my wonderful school, and subject to change at my whim. Listed below are articles and podcasts on other sites. I keep these listed here mainly as a way of me keeping track. If you want to get in touch with me to chat about maths or education, Twitter is a good place to start or you can email me at jemmaths@gmail.com.


Articles and Guest Posts

Talking of writing, I have written some articles for Teachwire:

It’s Time to Stop Treating Mastery With Derision and Start Paying Attention

‘x’ Marks the Spot: How To Get Algebra Right From the Get-Go

Those who suggest scrapping wrote learning are missing something

And a couple in the print edition of Teach Secondary:

Building Up

What Lessons Did We Learn From This Year’s Maths GCSEs?

I have some articles online and in print for SecEd magazine:

Designing Your Subject’s Curriculum

Teaching With Memory in Mind

New Approaches to Student Feedback

And the one I’m most excited by, my guest blog for the Learning Scientists:

Building Effective Learning Strategies into a Mathematics Curriculum

I also have some guest posts on other sites, including:

Oxford University Press: A Little Advice for NQTs

Complete Maths: Assessment and feedback: making it work for everyone involved



I have been lucky enough to be on Craig Barton’s Mr Barton Maths podcast twice. The first was a conference takeaways episode from ResearchED Rugby in 2018 and the second was an interview covering lesson planning, cutting out the fluff, the importance of silence, and an unusual perception of numbers.

I was also on the first episode of the NCETM podcast, discussing entrance requirements for A Level Maths.