I’m a Head of Mathematics in middle England and am privileged to have been an AST/SLE since 2008.  I say privileged because dedicated people who are often nervous, fraught or fed up let me into their school and allow me to try and help them. I always hope I have done them justice, I always fear I haven’t.

I was a Silver Pearson Teaching Award winner in 2015 for Teacher of the Year in a Secondary School and have spoken at a couple of national conferences.

As an NCETM Accredited PD Lead (A-Level) I love training teachers.  My courses include subject knowledge, pedagogy and using technology, and training non-specialists to teach mathematics.

As a teacher, I love to find better ways to demonstrate things, and enjoy spending time making models with Desmos and Geogebra.  I am a total graph-nerd, “a graph is better than a thousand words,” as someone important must have once said.

I tweet as @jemmaths.  Anything I write is down to me, nothing to do with my wonderful school, and subject to change at my whim.

Talking of writing, I have written some articles for Teachwire:

It’s Time to Stop Treating Mastery With Derision and Start Paying Attention

‘x’ Marks the Spot: How To Get Algebra Right From the Get-Go

Those who suggest scrapping wrote learning are missing something

And a couple in the print edition of Teach Secondary:

Building Up

What Lesson’s Did We Learn From This Year’s Maths GCSEs?

I have some articles online and in print for SecEd magazine:

Designing Your Subject’s Curriculum

Teaching With Memory in Mind

New Approaches to Student Feedback

And the one I’m most excited by, my guest blog for the Learning Scientists:

Building Effective Learning Strategies into a Mathematics Curriculum

I keep these listed here partly as a way of me keeping track. If you want to get in touch with me to chat about maths or education, Twitter is a good place to start.