Desmos Models

Here is a collection of Desmos models (which I will try and remember to keep updated) for use in the classroom:

Pure Maths (AL)

Tracing the gradient function – show how f'(x) relates to f(x).

Area under a curve – show what the integral between limits a and b finds.

Differentiation from first principles – show how the chord between two points gets closer to the tangent as (x_2-x_1) approaches 0.

Unit circle – generate sin(x) from the unit circle (radians).

Conic sections – all on a previous page.

Maclaurin and Taylor Series – demos of how the approximations get better.

What is ‘e’? – from a previous page.

Statistics (AL)

Normal distribution (standard) – highlighting different sections of areas under the curve

Standardising a normal distribution – changing X to Z.

CDF of a CRV – see the area change under the CRV.

Approximating a binomial distribution with a normal distribution.

Decision (AL)

Graphical linear programming – move the objective function to maximise/minimise.

Mechanics (AL)

Projectile motion – on a previous page.


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