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June 2016

Cognitive Load and Problem Solving

I was asked recently to deliver a training session for two maths departments on the topic of problem solving.  After internally balking (problem solving as a discrete entity is something that gets on my nerves, “problem solving lessons” even more so) I decided it was the perfect opportunity to talk about cognitive load and relate it to the requested topic. Continue reading “Cognitive Load and Problem Solving”


researchED Maths and Science 2016

When Tom Bennett announced researchED Maths and Science I was more than a little bit excited: a subject-specific conference informed by strong academic research?  Yes please!  The programme for the day was packed full of sessions I wanted to see, so selecting which ones was very difficult.  Here’s what happened on my day, a mixture of what I heard with my own thoughts. Continue reading “researchED Maths and Science 2016”

Disillusionment in Schools

This week’s “Most read” top ten on the TES homepage contains the following headlines:

“Teachers work more overtime than any other professionals, analysis finds”
“‘My heart sank when my husband said he wanted to retrain and join me in teaching'”
“‘I dread GCSE and A-level results day because I know my pupils’ results are likely to be flawed’”
“‘This is why running a school has become the impossible job…'”

It occurred to me that it’s very hard to go a day on Twitter without seeing a negative headline.  In truth there are a lot of very disillusioned teachers who like to read about others’ disillusionment.  I meet many such teachers when I do support work in schools and run courses.  I wonder what the main causes of disillusionment and frustration are?  Here’s my first draft list, there’s nothing surprising on here: Continue reading “Disillusionment in Schools”

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